Age of Theia is an autofictive film- and performance concept.
It consist of performances,
an Instagram profile and finally a web series.

Extra heartfelt thanks to Maiken Stæhr,  Kent Jørgensen, Zo Wee, Anne Mette Stræde,
Agga Anne Mette Stage, Sólveig Samon Gautadóttir
and Kylie Minogue

*****Next performance ‘Fare Thee Well’ (11.09.17) will be uploaded soon*****

Theia was a hypothetical ancient planet that accordingly collided with Earth, Gaia, and resulted in the creation of the Moon, Luna, around 4,51 billion years ago.

In greek mythology Theia was one of the original twelve titans and daughter of Gaia and Uranos. She was the mother of the Goddess of the Sun, Helios, Goddess of the Moon, Selene, and Goddess of the Dawn, Eos. But the name Thea is also used in Christianity. Thea is derived from the name Dor'Thea, which means given by God, therefore, it is said that Thea means God's gift. In greek Theia means divine inspiration and prophecy, Thea means sight or seeing.

The Age of is referring to the theory of an astrological age. Astrologers claims that an astrological age is a product of the earth's slow precessional rotation and lasts for 2160 years on average. According to this theory we are on the verge of leaving the Age of Pieces (monotheism, spirituality, and martyrdom) and enter the Age of Aquarius (freedom, technology and community).